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Segregated Water Fountains


Schools were not the only segregated places within the 1960s. Restaruants, buses, and even water fountains were segregated.


Segregation Reaching Children


Little Rock, Arkansas having segregation taking place at its high school did not only effect adults and the African-American students, but the youth as well.

Little Rock Nine

Lunch Sit-Ins

On February 1st 1960, the first lunch-counter sit-in occurred (Richard Layman, 1994). This was a successful nonviolent movement to confront racism (Richard Layman, 1994). It all started when four college students from North Carolina A&T University sat a whites only counter and would not leave until they were served (Richard Layman, 1994). These sit-ins started to pop up all over the country and “resulted in the formation of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee” (Richard Layman, 1994).

Freedom Riders


The purpose of this movement was to have both black and white volunteers from college aged students to middle aged adults sit next to each other on regularly scheduled Trailways and Greyhound buses bound for New Orleans via Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi (“Polygon Chairman”). This was supposed to be a nonviolent movement until the first bus arrived at its destination, and it was attacked and firebombed by a crazed mob(“Polygon Chairman”). It turned out that the whites suffered from the worst beatings, and that the Ku Klux Klan had an arrangement with authorities (“Polygon Chairman”). The arrangement was that the Ku Klux Klan had fifteen minutes to do whatever they wanted until the police restored order (“Polygon Chairman”).


Civil Rights